Navigating this year of disruption and preparing for the new normal has compelled businesses around the world to embrace technology at an unprecedented pace. As a result, CIOs face enormous pressure to field more requests with shorter deadlines and, in some cases, fewer resources. How are CIOs adapting to these changes, and in what ways has their role evolved amid it all?


These questions and others were discussed during a recent “Unleash IT” podcast featuring David Kenner, General Manager and Global Head of CIO Strategy and Advisory at Wipro. Unleash IT is a production of LeanIX, a Wipro partner.


During this podcast, David and the LeanIX team discuss big-picture topics such as how to transition to a “business-anywhere” model, the CIO’s role as a strategic partner in business planning, and the place for enterprise architecture in the IT landscape. The podcast also covers more-tangible issues, such as how to prioritize digital transformation due to COVID-19, and what it’s like to hold an IT role in the current environment.


The full Unleash IT podcast – just the second one in this promising series – is embedded below. The debut episode and future entries will be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or the LeanIX website.