Organizations around the world have been forced to rely on remote working due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The resulting rapid adoption of a hybrid cloud and multi-cloud infrastructure has led to an increase in security vulnerabilities, as the “attack surface area” has evolved and dramatically expanded. In this environment, companies’ top risk is over-permissioned identities accessing the cloud infrastructure, often with little knowledge of which identities have access to critical resources and the actions they are performing.


With the proliferation of hybrid and multi-cloud workloads and identities (be it humans, service accounts, bots, or resources), managing authorizations and permission-based entitlements is becoming more complex and critical.


CloudKnox Security helps companies manage identity privileges and changes the paradigm by which enterprises implement and continuously enforce the principle of least privilege across cloud environments. The CloudKnox platform achieves this by providing activity-based authorization for human and non-human identities, anomaly detection, and identity activity analytics.


This is fundamentally done by abstracting out the layer of complexity associated with managing the exponential growth of machine identities, services, privileges, and resources across different cloud operating models.


Wipro has invested in CloudKnox Security to ensure Wipro’s clients can automate and continuously create, monitor, and enforce least-privilege policies across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Together, Wipro and CloudKnox provide a scalable “Access Governance as a Service” solution that enables companies to protect and secure critical cloud resources by delivering permissions on demand for all identities based on actual service usage.


With remote working  likely to become a key element of tomorrow’s workplace, this security solution can be a critical resource in the CTO’s and CSO’s IT toolkit.

Ashish Chandra

Ashish Chandra

GM & Practice Head, Cybersecurity & Risk Services


Ashish is a seasoned cybersecurity professional with more than 21 years of global industry experience. in consulting, advisory, pre-sales, business development, business process definition, solution architecture, design, implementation and production support. He advises customers on their enterprise security needs, helps them build their security strategy and roadmap, and oversees delivery for large security programs.

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