Employee safety and business continuity are businesses’ top priorities as they emerge from the pandemic. Continuity can be particularly challenging for industries or enterprises that are reliant upon paper-based processes. In a world where social distancing and near-empty facilities are the norm, signing documents physically is almost nonexistent. Just six months ago, digital document management and e-signing processes were novelties. Today, they’ve become critical pieces of many business transactions and have helped companies improve the user experience.


Wipro and Adobe have partnered on a Paperless Enterprise Solution that uses Adobe Sign and AEM Forms. Powered by Wipro’s proprietary iCaaS (Intelligent Content as a Service) and Cognitive Content Automation offerings, this end-to-end suite helps companies transform their paper-based processes into an automated digital workflow that’s legally binding, secure, and simplifies document management for all stakeholders.


The financial industry is navigating not only the pandemic, but also historically low mortgage rates and increased requests for deferred payments. Using the Paperless Enterprise Solution, customers can securely fill-out and sign application forms from any location using their computer, tablet or mobile device. Loan officers, meanwhile, can approve applications with a single click, track each one’s progress on demand, and store them in a cloud-based management portal that enables enterprise-wide visibility. Where manual signing processes used to take days, companies can use the Paperless Enterprise Solution to capture e-signatures within minutes.


The solution provides for integration with enterprise applications such as Salesforce or Workday, enabling seamless adoption of the solution by the business. The Paperless Enterprise suite also offers real-time tracking and storage in the cloud, streamlining the document management process for companies whose workforce may still be working from remote locations.


Wipro, a premier partner with Adobe for years, leveraged its deep knowledge of Adobe solutions to develop this digital document management solution. Our Paperless Enterprise Solution enables companies across industries and geographies to keep their customers and colleagues safe, productive, and connected.

Chandra Surbhat

Chandra Surbhat

Vice President, Digital Experience


Chandra is an experienced Digital leader helping organizations build and scale digital units by combining strategy, design and engineering. He helps clients conceptualize digital products, engaging with business and IT stakeholders to build product roadmaps, create value and drive adoption.

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