Designit works every day with some of the most interesting, optimistic and daring people in design. Sharing those luminaries’ thoughts is the motivation behind YELLO, a new podcast from Designit that’s available here.


YELLO curates conversations with design leaders as they discuss inspiring stories and big ideas about how design can help solve complex problems and create a better, more-sustainable future for people, organizations and society. Fueled by curiosity, these discussions address what matters to these leaders (and to all of us), and how design can have a positive impact on us all.


These monthly podcasts will regularly dive into topics that Designit is actively working on, including: sustainability by design, the future of work, how we can trust what is invisible to us, how we can unlearn practices in a playful way, organizational transformation, and creativity and craftsmanship, among other things.


In the first episode, “How Important is Data Privacy?” Designit’s Futures Lab Director, Lasse Underbjerg, catches up with Pernille Tranberg, a journalist, advisor and educator in data ethics, data privacy, and data democracy. Could privacy become only for the rich? Pernille thinks so. During this 30-minute episode, which builds on this article about data privacy, Lasse and Pernille explore how different types of data can be used for a positive impact, how to anonymize data, how different companies and countries are dealing with data privacy, and how companies can design with data in mind.


The second episode, “The Mess We’re In,” sees Mike Monteiro, author, designer, and co-founder of Mule Design, join Guro Røberg from Designit’s Oslo studio for a discussion about how to begin thinking through the problems facing the world today. Taking lessons from recent history and Mike’s book “Ruined by Design,” the podcast examines how we can build better societies for all if we learn from our mistakes and understand what it really means to design responsibly.


Listen to the first two episodes here, and feel free to email Designit with your ideas about whom they should talk with next and the design topics you’d like to see YELLO explore.




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