The world has been turned upside-down. Although some businesses have ballooned, most have been disrupted across the board as a result of the pandemic and lockdown. So, what to do now? Together with its clients around the world, Designit has identified three phases that can help companies take control of the situation and get ahead in the short, medium, and long term. Those phases are React, Respond, and Rethink.


In the React phase, the focus is on survival first, keeping the business running in the new reality while making here-and-now adjustments to the business model. In the Respond phase, companies seek to create balance as the financial situation begins to recover and the focus shifts to adapting to new market signals and utilizing new opportunities. In the third phase, Rethink, it’s time to realign the organization and long-term strategy to a changed reality, seeking ways to boost business in the post-crisis world.


To navigate these phases and emerge ahead, Designit has created a disruption canvas. This canvas can help companies understand their situation, prioritize, and connect tasks and challenges across different parts of their organization and its value chain. The canvas addresses all stakeholders – business, employees, customers, and suppliers – enabling companies to develop a path forward for their entire ecosystem.


Free to download and use, the disruption canvas is now available for all. Designit is also offering sessions for companies that wish to use this resource as they seek to define their new normal. More information, and session sign-ups, are available on the “Business as Unusual” landing page.




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