Need for Change

COVID-19 has redefined the operating models for businesses across industries. In the midst of adapting to a new normal, many companies are considering how to sustain and grow in a challenging and variable economic environment. For most organizations, project execution and management are not calibrated to support remote working, which is — and may continue to be — the dominant way of working. Improving collaboration and efficiency for a remote workforce, maximizing the business value of every dollar spent, and adopting an effective approach to managing a portfolio of business-critical projects is becoming increasingly important.


Addressing Business Challenges

Companies therefore need to maximize project success, maintain visibility into every milestone, deliver the same quality of work with a smaller team that’s remote, and determine in real-time whether to ramp-up or ramp-down their investments on projects. Though digital channels and operations bring value to project management, inefficient tools and processes can hinder a team’s ability to implement critical projects. This, in turn, results in blown budgets, cost overruns, and delayed business outcomes.


Effective project program portfolio management is a critical step, but companies must overcome key challenges that include:

  • A lack of real-time visibility and transparency of spend
  • Limited traceability of business value, spend and progress of all projects
  • Limited visibility of real productivity or team accountability
  • No mechanism to compare performance of all the programs and resources working within a portfolio


Solution Overview

Wipro’s Clearview solution, based on Microsoft technologies, empowers organizations to plan, run and track their projects while enabling stakeholders to seamlessly collaborate and make business decisions in an agile environment in real time. Clearview defines standards around team composition, project management and agile delivery so companies can manage a portfolio of projects with real-time transparency and traceability.


This project-management and execution solution incorporates changing user behaviors and has revolutionized how companies run their programs. Using this tool, enterprises have realized at least 60% time savings compared to standard agile projects.


Whether for an ongoing or a new project, Clearview provides pre-configured (and customizable) project-management structures and workflows to jump-start and maintain the alignment of all resources required for success. With a single view across all teams and a newfound understanding of progress across all projects, stakeholders can make better investment decisions and bring business and IT to a common ground. This approach helps to identify focus areas and assign accountability, getting maximum value from each employee while ensuring the project’s objectives are met.


Solution Benefits

Clearview brings consistency and standardization to how companies operate their portfolio, with a common platform for managing and executing projects. Its single, portfolio-level view encompasses all underlying projects, with an easy-to-navigate structure from Portfolio to Project and Sprint to Individuals. With real-time visibility about projects’ progress, the tool increases the personal sense of team accountability, sheds light on team members’ capacity and distribution, improves alignment on project goals and objectives, and offers real-time insights about budget metrics and issues across the business’ portfolio.


In challenging economic times, having an effective project-management and execution solution to quickly pivot is critical for organizations to prepare for an uncertain future. With preconfigured agile development and deployment tools, as well as infrastructure-as-code capabilities, Clearview can help solve these challenges. Clearview can be quickly deployed and bring users onboard within two weeks, offering well-defined KPIs, preconfigured and customizable dashboards, and real-time insights with unrivaled speed. The result is a consistent, stable and successful project-program and portfolio-management experience, even when the workforce must work remotely.

Bhargavi Tirumala

Bhargavi Tirumala

Partner, Digital Transformation


Bhargavi leads teams of digital-transformation and change-management strategists to drive sustainable business transformation for global clients across industries. She is responsible for driving innovative propositions and capabilities that combine strategy, design and technology and enable organizations deliver value faster.

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