The current crisis has caused unforeseen disruption to businesses all over the world. Organizations are striving hard to adapt to the “new normal.” Those that have already embarked on their modernization journey have to deal with significant challenges, including either stalled initiatives or a newfound need for substantial cost takeout. Similarly, organizations that are mulling a cloud-native strategy may be forced to defer such initiatives. Both of these scenarios can hinder the essential enterprise transformation that was conceived to keep them future-relevant.



The suite of tailored offerings outlined below can provide continuity to application modernization programs. These offerings enable a lower cost structure while keeping scope and deliverable quality intact. Leveraging VMware Tanzu and open-source technologies, they’re especially applicable for companies looking to move from a legacy-ridden enterprise to a hybrid multi-cloud architecture.



By enabling companies to “build the right things,” and by setting up guardrails to ensure that companies “build the things right,” these solutions allow engineers to focus on realizing their cloud-native objectives using three levers.



1) Platform as a service encompasses a full-fledged cloud-native application development platform powered by VMware Tanzu, along with open-source technologies and multiple Wipro accelerators. With pre-curated toolchains, DevOps pipelines and monitoring capabilities, this enables companies to create and improve products at a significantly faster pace than traditional methods of software development.



If companies are struggling to procure budget approvals for hardware and licenses, it also offers a quick plug-and-play solution that can be made available on both public cloud and private networks. Additionally, using the platform to operate non-production environments can help narrow the investments of workforce, infrastructure and licenses to the production stack only.



2) Innovation as a service bundles the platform, native cloud capabilities, and curated talent to find solutions to complex problems that are then industrialized by dedicated teams. This consists of two key offerings: Architecture as a Service, which can help develop the architecture (both infrastructure and development) for an enterprise cloud-native strategy, and Prototyping as a Service, which can quickly build a minimum viable product in two- to three-week sprints if there’s a need for early validation.



3) Acceleration as a service is an integrated offering for distributed delivery, backed by our “Platform as a Service” capabilities and Agile Anywhere framework. This offering helps companies gain substantial cost efficiencies while accelerating and rendering scale to application-modernization initiatives. This service can be offered from Wipro locations or an enterprise’s own offshore development centers.



Together, these offerings can deliver approximately 40% productivity improvement and associated cost takeout in cloud-native programs, helping companies to navigate and continue their modernization journey unhindered.



To kickstart this effort, we are offering a free one- to two-week workshop to analyze a company’s cloud-native strategy. The findings from the evaluation will provide an initial baseline and a case for improvement.


Anil Joseph

Anil Joseph

Global Practice Head, Cloud Native Transformation


Anil is a senior business-management professional with 18+ years of results-driven experience developing strategic & operational plans and practice building. He has hands-on experience developing new capabilities/offerings, with particular expertise in program management, cloud-native transformation, and big data analytics/digital solutions.

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