Organizations and governments around the world are taking the necessary steps to face the challenges and threats posed by COVID-19. Although their specific steps may vary, these entities share at least one common trait: the need for near-real-time responses. Technology has been a key enabler in this regard, particularly new-age technology like AI.


AI-led solutions can help corporations and governments connect with employees, communities, suppliers, researchers and operations teams, ultimately recommending the best actions to fight this pandemic and minimize the economic impact.


Public and private entities alike can leverage Wipro’s HOLMES cognitive platform to collect, analyze and respond to the pandemic with speed and scale. Part of our “Impact and Rapid Response” framework, HOLMES can prove helpful in many ways. Three immediately tangible areas are revenue risk mitigation, vendor data aggregation and claims management.


Revenue Risk Mitigation

Organizations are working diligently to ensure employees’ safety while also ensuring their business runs seamlessly. If employees become ill or otherwise unavailable to deliver service, it not only disrupts business workflows but can result in a loss of revenue.


If employees are reported as unavailable, the HOLMES AI solution can automatically raise hiring requests based on the required headcount and an analysis of the necessary skills. After a cognitive search of organizational data, the platform can reconcile these needs with available employees, identify the reskilling and training needs of potential backfills, and leverage a recommendation engine to identify reinforcement options. This helps the company ensure business continuity quickly while optimizing its resource utilization, increasing productivity while mitigating the risk of reduced revenue and profitability.


Vendor Data Aggregation

Governments are at the forefront of fighting this pandemic, taking steps every day to ensure the welfare and safety of citizens. One key element in this battle is ensuring the continuous supply of essential goods and commodities. In the current scenario, it is important to provide governments with a list of suppliers and vendors for essential commodities to fight the pandemic, helping them keep the front-line forces – doctors, medical staff and police – safe.


AI can assist by conducting automated information gathering through web scrapes and API-based connectivity. This process enables governments to quickly collect information on vendors and suppliers by evaluating more than 50 attributes pulled from multiple sources such as SuperMedia, D&B, JustDial and more. After analyzing reviews and articles through NLP techniques, the AI can then develop comprehensive rankings and supplier intelligence profiles by commodity need. This results in several benefits, including reducing the risk of engaging with high-risk or black-listed vendors, and minimizing the operational and legal risks of sourcing sub-standard products and materials.


Claims Management

It is expected that there will be an increase in claims resulting from COVID-19 and related illnesses. AI can help keep these claims processes efficient and accurate through automated adjudication.


By learning from underlying COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Standard Practice Instructions (SPIs), HOLMES can extract attributes to check each claim’s relevance for COVID-19 processing. Based on the trained models, the system can then provide a confidence score and help with auto-adjudication, integrating with upstream and downstream systems to perform first-pass claim processing with complete automation.


This solution relies on three broad functionalities: Model Training and Knowledge Bank, in which machine-learning models are trained on new SOPs and SPIs defined for adjudicating COVID-19 claims; an understanding of contextual information based on claim-adjudication Ontology; and Cognitive Assist from bots that specialize in investigation, extraction and execution in a manner that mimics and/or enhances human activity.


In Conclusion

As governments and enterprises define their paths forward amid COVID-19, technology can play a key role in deploying effective solutions with speed and scale. AI and cognitive technologies had already gained widespread adoption before the pandemic struck. In the current situation, AI solutions like those powered by Wipro’s HOLMES platform have become an increasingly important tool in the fight for recovery and a feeling of normalcy.

Rahul Deshpande

Rahul Deshpande

Solution Design Head, Intelligent Enterprise Practice


Rahul leads the global solution design, product management and prototyping team to deliver solutions based on Wipro Holmes and other hyper-scaler AI technologies.

Harshad Borgaonkar

Harshad Borgaonkar

Senior Manager and Product Management Head, Wipro HOLMES


Harshad is a Senior Manager and an AI and ML practitioner with HOLMES, Wipro's AI platform. He is a keen observer of the various events in the finance, regulatory and compliance world and spends his time coming up with innovative technology solutions that focusses on client needs. He currently leads the product management efforts for multiple themes.

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