The economic impact of COVID-19 has significantly challenged every organization. Almost overnight, businesses have been forced to rethink their IT strategies to better meet their operational and customers’ needs. Companies that have completed their enterprise cloud journey are faring better.


For example, several clients have begun considering cloudifying their entire IT landscape, in one case to help address a surge in demand on their customer-servicing channel. Such decisions involve moving from trusted devices to securely connecting from any device, moving from an employees-only model to the extended enterprise or crowdsourcing, and migrating from a monolith infrastructure to next-gen IT tools. These clients have the freedom to explore such transformational steps because their ability to variabilize their economics.


During this pandemic, cloud computing has evolved from simply a means to cut costs or increase efficiency to a foundational component of business resiliency and responsiveness. The clients referenced above are looking to completely variabilize their costs as a way to obtain greater operational resilience. The Cloud 2.0 era is about enabling business responsiveness.


Wipro Cloud Studio can support enterprises as they make this shift, helping to accelerate their enterprise cloud journey. Delivered in an industrialized as-a-Service model, the one-stop marketplace enables companies to reimagine their cloud journey while achieving adoption rates 5x faster and with 40% lower costs. This efficiency continues over time, as the Cloud Studio enables businesses to leverage automation for 90% of post-migration activities.


Many industry leaders have found results in their enterprise cloud journey using this system. A major German telecom company leveraged Cloud Studio to reduce release cycles from two months to two weeks, helping them achieve a 30% reduction in infrastructure and platform costs. A large UK bank migrated to a multi-cloud strategy, achieving a 27% cost reduction in test environments and more than a 30% reduction in operational costs. A UK-based oil and gas leader realized 47% cost savings by moving to a cloud-first strategy and supporting its data center exit. And a financial-services leader in North America looked to Cloud Studio to critically evaluate 300 applications, reducing its portfolio size by 34% and its overall annual run cost by 32%.


This is possible due to our combination of Cloud Studio PODs and strategic partnerships with hyperscalers. The POD-based structure leverages our Agile Anywhere execution model and has certified cloud experts who work with a network of enterprise experts across partners. We have jointly conceptualized and developed these solutions through Premium partnership with Amazon (AWS), Google (GCP), Openshift, VMware / Pivotal (PCF), SalesForce and Oracle Cloud ecosystem, as well as Gold partnership with Microsoft (Azure) and IBM Cloud.



Delivered through a remote shared-service model, Cloud Studio uses an extendable, plug-and-play platform that incorporates blueprints and knowledge assets from every implementation and provides a 360-degree view of the IT estate through connected insights.


Given the urgency with which businesses want to develop their cloud roadmap, we are offering an initial free two-week TCO impact analysis. This analysis will be driven from the Cloud Studio and will provide recommendations on a business-aligned approach and committed cost benefits.


Our hope is that this will support organizations as they rethink their IT strategies and accelerate their enterprise cloud journey amid the impacts of the current pandemic.

Ramachandran Padmanabhan

Ramachandran Padmanabhan

Vice President of Cloud Applications and Platforms, Wipro Digital


Ramachandran has 23 years of experience driving Digital and Cloud transformation to help Wipro customers in their enterprise's digital journey. Part of the NASSCOM working group for Cloud computing skill development, he drives ecosystems focused on niche startups in the areas on Cognitive, Customer Experience, Cyber Risk Security and Cloud technologies.

Dr. Magesh Kasthuri

Dr. Magesh Kasthuri

Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Cloud Transformation Practice


Dr. Magesh Kasthuri is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff and Principal Consultant of Cloud Applications and Platforms at Wipro Digital. He has completed his Ph.D. in Deep Learning and Genetic Algorithms and published more than 40 papers in Blockchain, Cloud Technology, DevOps Solutions, and Digital Transformation Architecture. He has patents in technology areas including Cloud, DevOps, Machine Learning and Blockchain. He is an avid blogger on LinkedIn, writing technical blogs on a daily basis with the hashtag #shorticle. He can be reached at

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