Consumers have long since realized that tapping on their mobile device or clicking their mouse is much easier than driving to an insurance agency, bank or government service center to sign a paper-based contract. However, given the current social-distancing dynamics, adopting eSignature tools is no longer a luxury for any enterprise. When parties are unable to sign documents in person, a reliable eSignature solution is table stakes, and companies must quickly transform into a paperless enterprise to keep their operations from grinding to a halt.


Implemented correctly, eSignature technology can do far more than capture consent. While producing an enforceable end result, it can also transform manual and paper-based processes into an automated, uninterrupted, digital document workflow that’s legally binding and globally secure.


Wipro’s Paperless Enterprise Solution helps companies manage this process, from document creation and integration with enterprise applications to real-time tracking and compliant ECM storage in the cloud.



This service integrates with an enterprise’s internal systems using 70+ available plug-and-play plugins. Detailed questionnaire templates enable remote discovery, design and provisioning sessions, while a streamlined distributed-delivery model empowers businesses to onboard critical document processes within weeks.


With remote training and support, companies can quickly implement a paperless experience across devices. The tools can even help executives gather insights about potential missed revenue opportunities.


Whereas the paperless enterprise may have been a luxury just a few months ago, making this transformation has become a critical initiative. Creating, executing and storing digital documents was once a prudent exercise for the future. Now it’s essential to conducting remote business securely in the socially distanced present.

Gaurav Mittal

Gaurav Mittal

General Manager and Global Head, Digital Marketing & Commerce


With more than 20 years of experience, Gaurav helps customers transform their business and win in the digital world. He works to help clients develop digital products and services that leverage digital marketing, eCommerce, mobility, data and insights. He is passionate about technology and works closely with customers, advisors, analysts and partners to drive transformation and business outcomes for Wipro clients.

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