After quickly enabling their entire employee base to work from home, many businesses face the daunting task of remotely launching new channels that integrate seamlessly with existing systems and new partner systems. Some companies must also build completely new capabilities on the cloud while relying on remote teams. This creates two imperatives: to securely complete integrations at a pace and scale that aligns with new business realities, and to augment existing integration services with new capabilities that scale up and down efficiently while reducing operational costs.


These imperatives require rapid integration platforms and services that can optimize and automate integration operations without compromising quality. Leveraging such platforms can help organizations rapidly respond to their current operational challenges while preparing for the future.


Rapid Integration Services bring together runtimes, tools, frameworks, templates and accelerators to drastically reduce integration times while optimizing existing resources and introducing additional functionality.


This proprietary system simplifies the user experience, enabling even non-specialists to develop and rollout any-to-any integrations, from businesses and applications to Cloud and IoT. Such variety enables businesses to choose from a catalogue of robust integration capabilities while eliminating the complexity that naturally arises from assembling multiple technologies.


Wipro’s Rapid Integration Services can be deployed in one of two ways depending on the needs of the enterprise. Our “Integration as a Service” model provides end-to-end services in a capacity / usage / catalogue-based pricing construct. Alternatively, if the business owns the license for an integration platform, Wipro can help move the integration delivery setup in a way that offers complete control and visibility into the company’s integration operational costs. In the latter case, rapid digital integration complements the existing platform, offering more integration capabilities and empowering the company to leverage integration products from other vendors (IBM, Tibco, Software AG, Dell Boomi, SAP PI/PO, etc.).


Building new channels that integrate seamlessly with existing platforms can seem challenging in the new teleworking world. Rapid Integration Services can help, offering resources to complete these integrations securely and quickly while introducing new capabilities that can help companies prepare for the future.

Hemantha Kumar C

Hemantha Kumar C

Global Practice Head, Digital Business Integration


As global head of Digital Integration practice, Hemantha focuses on bringing innovative solutions to help customer implement best in class integration technologies and help customers to transform their organizations to adapt latest technologies. He has filed three patents on quality process improvements in applications testing and has presented in large events including Oracle Open World and HP’s Discover.

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