As businesses and consumers around the world come to grips with COVID-19, the shelter-in-place and “lockdown” mandates are causing unanticipated disruptions. The sudden impact of a fully remote workforce is felt across industries, and citizens worldwide have a newfound appreciation for simply walking outdoors. Yet lockdowns have a unique downside for enterprises that depend heavily on consumer products and services for their revenue stream.


Global businesses had already recognized the importance of digital engagement, but the current crisis has rendered digital applications a lifeline for most critical consumer processes and transactions. Enterprises that depend on consumers must therefore have a 360-degree quality strategy in place to avoid the “butterfly effect” that one small defect or process lapse can have on the customer experience and, ultimately, on brand perception.


Developing or scaling a digital presence in this work-from-home environment can be challenging; quality assurance and testing are often performed by collocated teams. With Digital Assurance as a Service, this proposition becomes much easier.


We have assembled a suite of quality-assurance and testing offerings that are delivered remotely, over the cloud and with the highest degree of security compliance. Digital Assurance as a Service can support various consumer-focused industries as they strive to keep their digital projects on track in the current telework climate. Examples include:


Digital Banking

  • API functionality (third-party integration): Perform end-to-end digital payments validation using APIs with service virtualization, with a focus on different payment methods
  • Performance: Conduct server-side performance tests (load, volume, latencies, parallel tests) as digital payments become mainstream to avoid contact through currency notes
  • Security: Test and monitor for stress, vulnerability, etc.
  • SWIFT code testing: Ensure seamless transfer of currency across institutions, saving effort and time in critical situations
  • Usability: Assess ease of working with newly introduced digital banking features with minimal risk and margin of payments errors
  • Visual validation: Ensure correct rendering of important account and transactional information and symbols across the page layout, as well as individual elements


Digital Consumer Applications

  • Omni-channel functionality: Easily execute end-to-end scenarios across devices, with particular attention to aspects such as “payment,” “notify me when available,” “delivery directions,” etc.
  • Accessibility: Ensure compliance for information and flows of essentials products including images, contrast, font size, ease of understanding/perception, etc.
  • Performance: Conduct client-side tests on response times of functional calls-to-action, page loading, graphics, important information or instructions, etc.
  • Social media sentiment analysis: Perform taxonomy-based analysis of user comments and preferences, reverse engineered for root-cause analysis (e.g. functionality, performance, etc.)
  • IoT connectivity: Complete end-to-end validation of checkpoints for the supply chain from manufacturer and direct-to-customer scenarios (devices, connectivity, applications over cloud, ecosystem, etc.)



  • Network simulation: Assure eLearning application connectivity over lean bandwidth network conditions
  • Audio / video quality: Simulate tests for two-way quality over a multitude of devices
  • Cross-browser and device focus: Conduct tests across multi-browser and multi-device scenarios for aspects including functionality, visuals, etc.
  • Accessibility: Ensure speech-to-text conversion of transcripts for use with assistive technologies
  • Performance tuning: Ensure client- and server-side performance by isolating bottleneck elements, performing root-cause analyses and implementing human-assisted AI fixes


Health Tech (e.g. Self-Service Healthcare Apps)

  • Mobile device focus: Confirm seamless flow from one screen to another, with a focus on functionality and accessibility
  • Usability: Ensure ease of navigation to important screens for information and emergency contacts, confirming that representations do not aggravate existing medical conditions (e.g. graphics-induced hallucinations)
  • Exploratory: Perform edgecase scenario validation from data, boundary functionality perspective in real-world network conditions
  • IVR testing: Conduct disaster scenario testing from a peak capacity response perspective
  • Localization: Ensure correct information is displayed specific to state, country or geography
  • Chat Bots: Validate self-service centricity for functionality and responses


Different industries trust Digital Assurance as a Service to help meet different objectives, yet its delivery is consistent across sectors. Using an Agile/DevOps-centric framework, we take an automation-first approach and engage globally accessible labs via a secure cloud to perform specialized tests and QA. We also leverage the power of the crowd, be it an internal assembly of 90,000+ Wipro employees or an external group of 150,000+ crowdsourced associates, to work around the clock for unmatched speed.


These productized offerings are available in a pay-as-you-go model, offering an OpEx-friendly approach for businesses that are navigating uncertain economic times.


While companies and individuals alike come to terms with the “new normal” of a locked-down world, consumer-focused businesses face unique hurdles to stabilize and grow their business. Digital Assurance as a Service can help alleviate the challenges of maintaining the pace and quality of digital development in a work-from-home environment.

Ramesh Pai

Ramesh Pai

GM and Global Head, Quality Engineering and Testing, Wipro Digital


With 20+ years of experience at Wipro, Ramesh specializes in consulting and leading transformation for large enterprise customers worldwide. As Global Head of Quality Engineering and Testing, he is responsible for delivery, sales, solutions, go-to-market, alliances, and building new service offerings. He ideated and implemented "Quality as a Service," which is now being delivered through QA on Topcoder.

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