The ongoing pandemic has forced enterprises to take a hard look at their readiness to support a work-from-home model. Many companies have been challenged simply to enable a remote workforce, let alone consider how to close loopholes in IT compliance that could cause substantial damage. Organizations must be prepared to answer four key questions:


  1. Does the IT team have complete visibility of compliance levels while working from home?
  2. Can the IT team quickly check compliance levels for the entire combined on-premise and multi-cloud environment?
  3. How fast can the business remediate non-compliant parameters remotely?
  4. Is the remote team confident in its audit readiness amid these fast-changing times?


Ensuring IT compliance is a critical component to sustaining a remote workforce over the long term. Wipro HOLMES Compliance Suite, a highly scalable and comprehensive compliance-scanning automation product, can help enterprises in this regard.


HOLMES Compliance Suite enables companies to scan their entire IT environment, from remote workers using their own (BYOD) devices to on-premise and multi-cloud data centers, using a single remote instance. Most importantly, it can perform IT compliance scans quickly and without errors as directed by remote workers, helping IT teams identify risk in real or near-real time.


Two modular components make up the HOLMES Compliance Suite. First is Remote Worker Compliance, which ensures compliance for desktops/PCs and laptops through an endpoint solution with a footprint agent on the end user’s device. Second is Central Compliance Suite, a tool designed for server/datacenter/cloud environments that includes more than 2,500 out-of-the-box checks and addresses multiple industry standards such as CIS (Center for Internet Security), PCI-DSS, GDPR, SOC2.


The Compliance Suite is designed to make checks and remediation automated, quick, easy and hassle-free in both cloud and on-premise environments. Its horizontal scalability enables companies to onboard and execute checks for large sets of infrastructure and applications, publishing compliance reports for management while working from home. Meanwhile, an intuitive desktop app that can be run instantly after securing the connection helps auditors ensure IT compliance over time with on-demand and historical reporting.


So how does HOLMES Compliance Suite ensure IT compliance from remote locations? Here’s one workflow approach:



Companies using HOLMES Compliance Suite can experience up to 80% faster compliance reporting and audit support, 80% faster remediation, and a near-zero incidence of human errors. In one case, a leading multinational conglomerate used the Suite across more than 70 different business divisions and more than 100,000 end points, efficiently solving more than 75,000 issues and reducing its compliance-checking effort by 85%.


Although overlooked by many enterprises, ensuring IT compliance is a critical consideration for businesses enabling work-from-home scenarios. Regardless of the infrastructure (Azure, AWS, Google, SAP, Salesforce, Windows, Exchange, UNIX, VMware, SQL server, Oracle, Cisco, Palo Alto Firewall or custom applications), companies can gain confidence in their IT compliance readiness with Wipro HOLMES Compliance Suite.

Varadharajan S

Varadharajan S

General Manger, Global Presales Head, Wipro HOLMES


Varadha and his team collaborate with leading companies across industries to deliver AI-powered automation using Wipro HOLMES and third-party ecosystem solutions to automate business, application and infrastructure operations and transformation initiatives. With over two decades of experience in delivery, presales, practice development and client relationship management, Varadha specializes in shaping new offerings and driving outcome-based solutions across industry verticals.

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