The growing global pandemic has forced many organizations to enable employees to work from home. Large-scale telework is uncharted territory for most businesses, making it difficult for them to resolve a number of basic end-user IT issues. When on-site support isn’t possible, and when employees themselves aren’t IT experts, these challenges can inhibit productivity levels at a time when they may already be diminished. By leveraging AI, companies can empower remote workers to solve many common IT issues on their own.


Wipro HOLMES Remote Worker solution eliminates the need for end users to contact IT support agents by providing them with a suite of self-healing functions, guided self-help modules, self-help solutions and conversational assistants. These intelligent-automation solutions ensure 24/7 support with little to no effort from agents, assisting employees when they need it and enabling IT departments to focus on enterprise-wide issues.


Using AI to help solve remote-working IT issues can be much more efficient than traditional end-user support:


Traditional End-User IT Support


Wipro HOLMES Remote Worker Solution

These differences can lead to fewer help-desk calls or the elimination of tickets entirely. Wipro HOLMES Remote Worker solution includes more than 100 one-click self-service solutions for common desktop/laptop and software issues, with automated self-healing and guided self-help processes to decrease resolution times. The customizable platform can also perform scheduled maintenance to ensure employees’ remote workstations maintain optimum performance.



A global leader in health and nutrition deployed Wipro HOLMES Remote Worker to provide services and support for approximately 18,000 end users across five regions. By configuring and deploying 20 distinct self-help and self-heal solutions, the company has addressed 900 monthly password-reset tickets and resolved 90% of all self-help and self-service issues without IT-staff support.


One of India’s largest banking and financial services companies has also used this AI solution, deploying more than 40 self-help and self-heal modules for more than 100,000 end users. This has helped the financial-services leader automatically handle 40,000 monthly password-reset and account-unlock tickets, and it’s helped them resolve more than 75,000 self-help and self-service issues.


By leveraging AI to solve the IT issues of a suddenly remote workforce, companies can promote productivity and self-reliance at a time when employees and enterprises need it most. Wipro HOLMES Remote Worker offers an innovative approach to IT support, empowering CIOs to focus on overcoming large-scale telework challenges and effectively managing their “new normal.”

Varadharajan S

Varadharajan S

General Manger, Global Presales Head, Wipro HOLMES


Varadha and his team collaborate with leading companies across industries to deliver AI-powered automation using Wipro HOLMES and third-party ecosystem solutions to automate business, application and infrastructure operations and transformation initiatives. With over two decades of experience in delivery, presales, practice development and client relationship management, Varadha specializes in shaping new offerings and driving outcome-based solutions across industry verticals.

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