With the spread of COVID-19 across the world, organizations need to ensure health and safety of employees, partners and customers. Responding quickly and making informed decisions requires companies to track the health, safety and availability of the entire workforce.


During such tough times, it is crucial to review data by geography, department and growth rates. This can help accelerate the appropriate responses and deploy employees effectively while they are working remotely or have limited capacity. Keeping employees engaged and supported with health-related policies and information during these times is also critical to stabilizing the business.


Ready-to-deploy applications from Pega and Appian can help companies as they configure and extend their operations. Using a Response Command Center, businesses can develop a profile risk of employees, monitor their infection status, track their self-quarantine period and take the appropriate actions if the situation changes. Such analyses require collecting critical data from employees and partners related to COVID-19 through digital forms and communication to maintain HIPAA compliance.



Tracking employees’ availability in this manner, whether remote or on-site, can help companies develop an effective deployment plan, conduct business continuity planning to maintain ongoing work, and help healthy employees re-enter the workforce when possible. The Pega and Appian solutions can also share health-related policies and information by integrating with HR systems, scheduling systems and workforce-management tools to help stabilize operations.





This functionality is available via applications that are available at no charge for Pega’s and Appian’s existing customers (hosting and implementing costs will apply). The tools can be deployed quickly, with installation and deployment of the base application taking just one day. Each app can be readily configured to suit a company’s immediate needs, then customized for specific requirements and reports/dashboards.


Business continuity can be a challenge when facing a sudden crisis. Fortunately, resources like these can empower companies to track and promote the health, safety and availability of their entire workforce, helping bring a sense of control even in uncertain times.

Rajesh Damodaran

Rajesh Damodaran

General Manager & Head of Digital Experience Consulting and Intelligent Automation

Rajesh is responsible for Digital Customer Experience and Process Automation services, leading overall client engagement, strategy and innovation. He delivers digitalization strategy advisory and implementation for BPM, Pega, RPA and Cognitive Automation, providing oversight and guidance to transformation program delivery.

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