Global enterprises understand that digital transformation can bring innovative and exciting new engagement opportunities to customers. Amid that enthusiasm, it’s easy to overlook the disruptive – albeit positive – impacts that digital transformation can have on the enterprise itself. Successful transformations are often accompanied by a change in culture. This can be difficult for employees to embrace, and even more difficult for companies to navigate if they rely upon old change-management methodologies.


Wipro’s Zero Touch Change approach, recognized by IDC as shown here, revolutionizes change-management by focusing on the employee experience. Our unique program utilizes AI-driven personal assistants, social interactions, crowdsourcing and gaming to personalize the change experience. An analytics component then provides information about the impact the change is having, employees’ understanding of it, and how teams are engaging with it.


This light-touch model leverages digital functionality rather than focus on interventions from leadership, change managers, or a change network. The results, as shown in the video below, are improved agility, efficiency, and employee support for organizational change. Zero Touch Change is non-traditional approach to change management, built to help companies – and their employees – succeed in the digital era.


Jonas Allen

Jonas Allen

Senior Marketing Manager, Wipro Digital

Jonas Allen has spent more than 19 years developing and implementing strategic communications programs with regional and global technology companies.

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