Forrester Research projects that the cloud market will exceed $230 billion in 2019 as companies accelerate their adoption of a cloud-first strategy. The most transformative cloud strategies take companies beyond infrastructure to become cloud-native organizations. This enables these companies to act with great agility to changing customer needs and deliver an exceptional user experience for internal and external stakeholders alike. Becoming cloud-native is challenging, and designing, developing and deploying such solutions requires partners who excel in these areas. Or, in the case of Wipro Digital and VMware, a collaborative partnership that’s focused on helping clients embrace their cloud-native future together.


The Wipro and VMware partnership has successfully served Fortune 500 clients across the banking, financial services, manufacturing, automotive, telecom, healthcare, and utility industries. The two companies’ strong cultural alignment — and in particular their joint emphasis on new ways of working — have also provided a strong foundation for future success.


Wipro recently earned VMware’s “Pivotal Global Breakthrough Partner of the Year Award.” This honor is a validation of Wipro’s digital-transformation expertise and an encouragement to remain diligent in helping clients achieve their transformation targets and a tangible return on investment.


We invite you to watch the video below to learn about the positive impact Wipro and VMware have on customers’ digital-native strategies. To learn more about how Wipro and VMware can benefit your business, please contact

Duncan Bucknill

Duncan Bucknill

Global Business Manager, Digital Partnerships and Alliances, Wipro Digital

Duncan is a Global Business Manager at Wipro Digital with responsibility for building new alliances, growing partnership revenue and managing relationships with key partners.

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