Global executives recognize that technology plays a critical role in digital transformation, but many remain challenged by the human aspects. Whereas bits and bytes are tangible and immediate, it takes longer to elicit cultural change and establish new ways of working across an organization. Yet the “human element” is no less important to transformation. In fact, it’s currently executives’ biggest barrier to success.


Wipro Digital’s recent digital transformation survey found that companies struggle more with issues related to people and process than technology, particularly at the start of their journey. Even after 18 months, when companies have established a transformation trajectory and cite technology challenges, the issues they note are related to skillsets and training.


The full findings of our digital transformation survey, which polled 1,400 C-suite executives across three continents, is available here as a free download. You may also watch the two videos below for a glimpse into executives’ transformation goals, aspirations and barriers.


Jonas Allen

Jonas Allen

Senior Marketing Manager, Wipro Digital

Jonas Allen has spent more than 19 years developing and implementing strategic communications programs with regional and global technology companies.

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