Creative thinking within the workplace has become a critical strategy for companies to grow and achieve success. A recent study by LinkedIn ranked creativity as the single-most important skill for modern business professionals. The challenge with creativity is that it cannot be learned or mastered like coding. Designers are eager to learn and experiment when it comes to creativity, but unlocking this valuable skill requires collaboration and learning not traditionally found in the workplace.


Wipro is a long-time strategic partner of Adobe, and together they empower global brands to deliver exceptional, design-led customer experiences with high velocity.


Mike Chambers, Senior Director of Design Product Marketing and Community Engagement at Adobe, came up with an idea called Creative Jams that aims to help designers break away from creative inertia and unlock the value of Adobe Creative Cloud. Creative Jams are day-long events that combine education and friendly competition offered to both individuals and organizations so that designers can come together, work collaboratively and create innovative designs. These events enable designers to break the shackles of their routine activities and bring new ideas to the table.


Wipro Limited is one of several strategic partners embracing the power of Creative Jams.


Wipro’s Creative Jam

Wipro and Adobe organized a Designathon, a Creative Jam competition held across multiple locations globally. The event saw participation from over 450 Wipro employees worldwide. The design challenge used the next-generation design and prototyping platform Adobe XD  to create innovative solutions for application in Wipro’s client projects.


Designs should never be too seamless, as the presence of friction, also known as trust points, deepen the relationships between organizations and consumers. The team at Designit, a strategic design firm within Wipro, understand this as they leverage diverse groups of researchers, designers, technologists and strategists to unlock innovation and create impactful designs for its clients.


“Our design capabilities and strategic partnership with Adobe enable us to build new-age solutions that are leveraged by our clients for delivering personalized experiences to their customers. Creative Jams is one such idea to drive this culture of innovation and bring out the best ideas from our creative specialists,” said Chandra Surbhat, Vice President and Global Head, Digital Experience Services at Wipro Digital.


The designers exercised their creative spirit and cognitive skills by designing prototypes leveraging Adobe XD. They leveraged the five core principles of design thinking to create innovative designs that resonated with their customers.


As part of the Creative Jam playbook that Adobe executes with its design partners, the Adobe team organized a boot camp for the designer community to provide demos and share best practices to make the most out of their Adobe XD experience.


It was exciting to see how the recent Designathon has inspired teams around Adobe XD, while also driving creativity, new efficiencies and productivity.


Learning is essential for personal growth. Designers should continue to explore new tools and get hands-on experience with them. A few human fears inspire designers to discover new tools and design brand new products and services.


The Designathon competition gave them exposure to a novel tool, empowering them to learn how to leverage it in their daily workflows.


Teams of two to three members were given a creative design challenge to complete within the assigned timeframe. The top 10 teams were given the opportunity to present their designs and inspiration to judges and peers. The judges then determined the top three winners.


Wipro’s results

“This event provided an opportunity to designers across multiple locations to work and brainstorm together to come up with visionary ideas and create incredible designs,” said Chandra Surbhat.


Wipro and Adobe’s Designathon enabled the designers to collaborate and derive valuable insights from each other.  It also allowed the designers to brainstorm and come up with innovative design ideas.


The Adobe XD platform was easy to use and enabled designers to quickly design and collaborate within teams to complete the challenge in a short timeframe. Through the Designathon competition, Wipro employees learnt how to bring creativity, efficiency and productivity in developing future innovative solutions for clients.


Wipro and Adobe’s continued collaboration

In early 2018, Wipro and Adobe expanded their partnership to offer enhanced digital services and solutions. They announced that their partnership that focused on Adobe Experience Cloud would include Creative Cloud and Adobe XD, the all-in-one UX/UI solution for designing and prototyping mobile apps and websites. The partnership has enabled Wipro to leverage Adobe XD for its global brand and client UX/UI design work, helping the company to create, build and manage advanced digital experiences for customers.

Sudhakar D V

Sudhakar D V

Practice Head, Mobility and User Experience, Wipro Limited


Sudhakar leads the Mobility and User Experience practice. He focuses on helping Wipro’s customers design and develop interactive applications and provide better experiences to their users and consumers. Sudhakar has helped multiple organizations rollout enterprise scale applications for internal and external users.

Simon Williams

Simon Williams

Senior Director of Strategic Relations, Adobe


As senior director of strategic relations, Simon and his team are responsible for building strategic partnerships with key creative leaders and innovators from around the globe, collaborating to shape the future of Adobe's Creative Cloud Enterprise products and services. Simon has over 20 years experience working in and around the Media and Entertainment industry, including time spent at the BBC, where he helped launch the BBC iPlayer.

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