Digital transformation is not a one-time activity, but an ongoing program of innovation and reinvention. Four years ago, Wipro embarked on its own transformation journey, launching Wipro Digital as a new entity to assist global enterprises in the design, development and deployment of digital strategies and solutions. Through this expansion, we invested in new ways of working and embraced a human-centered approach that puts user experience at the heart of every initiative. This journey led us to forge several valuable strategic partnerships, including one with Pivotal Software, which recently named Wipro Digital its “Global Breakthrough Partner of the Year.”

We are humbled by Pivotal’s recognition of Wipro Digital’s value as a partner. We believe this award is as much a testament to the velocity and quality of Wipro’s own evolution as it is to the combined customer impact of two companies that share an approach to serving global clients, and the mutual trust required to work effectively together.

When customers choose to work with Wipro and Pivotal together, they benefit from working with organizations that share common values but distinct capabilities. Our companies have unique cultures and mindsets that attract teams of professionals focused on delivering results. Pivotal’s Global Breakthrough Partner of the Year Award is a competitive process, as Pivotal has more than 160 partners. Winning this award is a testament to Wipro’s ability to help clients succeed in their transformation, and also to the strides we’ve made during our own four-year journey of change.

This recognition is an outgrowth of the hard work and dedication shown by many stakeholders, including internal teams, corporate board members, and the clients who trust Wipro Digital and Pivotal with their transformation programs. Thank you all for your efforts thus far, and for the efforts you will continue to show in the future.

We are proud to have earned Pivotal’s “Global Breakthrough Partner of the Year Award.” This honor is a validation of Wipro’s digital-transformation efforts, a motivator to continue creating a hyper-growth business for Wipro Digital and Pivotal, and an encouragement to remain focused on helping clients achieve their transformation targets while delivering a tangible return on their investment.

To learn more about how Wipro Digital can help you on your digital transformation journey with Pivotal, please contact Duncan Bucknill.

Rahul Shah

Rahul Shah

VP and Global Head of Consultative Sales, Partnerships and Solutions, Wipro Digital

Rahul Shah is in the business of building partnerships. His approach starts with theme-led thought processes that provide clients with a starting point and an acceleration goal in their digital transformation journeys. He maintains an "always a student" learning philosophy, always exploring different concepts, business models, technologies and industries, with the goal of weaving them into better transformative propositions for clients.

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