Businesses the world over are placing big bets on the power of profound digital change. According to the International Data Corporation, global spending on digital transformation will reach nearly $2 trillion in 2022.1


At Wipro, we believe that the lifeline of digital transformation is the way a company works. Traditional ways of working that are siloed, hierarchical, and averse to failure will not provide the agility needed to meet the growing demands of continuously increasing customer expectations. Business leaders need to first recognize the new world order: Information technology is no longer just a supporting layer but a critical partner to business.


We have adopted new ways of working at Wipro that values our talent, breaks down organizational silos, and fosters collaboration. This article details some of these new ways, from changes to workspaces to cultivation of communities around practice areas, to creation of a digital academy to skill and reskill our talent.


This article also illuminates our belief that there is a critical difference between doing digital and being digital and that while digital transformation may seem to depend on better algorithms and more advanced hardware, its success rests fundamentally on the innovations of talented people working together. Clearing the way for their contributions is essential, and Wipro is thrilled to be at the forefront of this human-centric, value-driven revolution in the way businesses work.


I hope you will find the paper useful.  You may download the full 12-page report here.


Rishad Premji
Chief Strategy Officer & Member of the Board, Wipro Limited
Chairman, NASSCOM


Rituparna Ghosh

Rituparna Ghosh

Head of Agile DevSecOps Transformation


Rituparna designs and implements enterprise-scale and program-specific Agile Transformation strategies for Wipro Digital’s clients. She’s passionate about driving change, whether at unit level or across an enterprise, and when these opportunities are tagged as “not possible,” she’s even more “fired up,” driven by her conviction that the right intent and willingness can make any change adaptable and possible.

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