When we meet new people, it can be tricky to explain what exactly we do at Wipro Digital. In one word we are ‘consultants’ – typically hired to kickstart enterprise transformation programmes. But what we want to do is simpler than that. We love technology, and innovative problem solving. We want to help change people’s lives for the better, and we understand that real change comes from showing people what is possible rather than telling them.


In our studio in Dublin, we are a unique mix of designers, software engineers, and agile experts who work together to challenge the way companies approach problem solving. And right now, one of our goals is to grow our team – to find fellow people who enjoy solving hard problems, people who are interested in teaching and learning from others, people who want to work in cross-functional teams.


To move towards this goal, we exhibited at Tech Job Fair Dublin in November last year. It was the first time Tech Job Fair was held in Ireland, but the venue at WeWork was beautifully organised, and we met a lot of interesting attendees. Software engineers, students, people who are thinking of career change, people who had just moved to Ireland to start a new life. And this is where we met the newest member of our team, lets’ call him Jack.


Jack has formerly trained and worked as a civil engineer. When we met him at Tech Job Fair, he was about to finish his course at a coding bootcamp to shift his career into Software Development. He came to talk to us at our stand, and we were immediately drawn to his personality – open, honest, smart, and engaging – we knew he would fit right into our team. As we talked, we discovered that from various subjects he studied in his coding bootcamp, he was more interested in backend software engineering. And that he was looking for a way to continue improving his skills in the area. He left his CV with us, and later we contacted him about our open role in Platform Engineering. Our hiring is a 3 step process: chat on the phone, tech exercise, and face-to-face interview in our studio. By the time he finished all three steps, we were excited to ask him to become a member of our team.


Just like Jack, our team is made up of people from all kinds of different backgrounds. For example, among our engineers we have people who come from startups, consulting, finance, civil service, games industry, etc. We believe that it’s this diversity that makes us a good team for solving complicated problems. It’s also more the attitude and mindset that is important to us than the number of years of experience one might claim. Our culture is focused on people; we hire not for who they are right now, but who they can be in our team.


So if you are interested in software engineering, consulting, design, or just seeing how you can help other people with us, please come over to our stand at Tech Job Fair Dublin to have a chat. We would love to hear about you, and answer any questions about what we do and how we can help you grow. We’re a team that love collaboration, and have fun together – football, summer picnic, escape room, Mario Kart tournament – more ideas are welcome! Before the event, you can also learn more about us from our website, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram.

Ayano Yamamoto

Ayano Yamamoto

Operations Manager, Wipro Digital Dublin

Employee Experience specialist, looking after a cross-functional team of problem solvers across design, technology, and business strategy in Dublin studio.

Tag: careers
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