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  1. Companies are using sci-fi writers to understand human-computer interactions
  2. 40 books, TV shows, and movies for people who care about the future of tech
  3. The good, the bad, and the ugly of artificial intelligence.
  4. Augmented reality and the future of work.
  5. Techcrunch’s newsy but skeptical Cryptocurrency blog.
  6. Sign up for the best source of innovation intel at Springwise.
  7. Follow Cliff Kuang, design writer Fast Co and Wired, and author of forthcoming User Friendly.
  8. Understand the future by looking through the lens of history with Origin Story: A Big History of Everything (scientific) and These Truths: A History of the United States (facts, proof, evidence).
  9. Get smart about all things security-related with the Cipher Brief daily newsletter.
  10. Read MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito’s column on everything from transhumanism to the big ICO swindle.
  11. Check out Bjarke Felfo’s DeepMoji project and help him teach AI about emotions.
  12. Altruism non-profit Rethink Priorities just launched Priority Wiki, an editable research database of global risks (climate change, research scarcity, AI) and potential inventions.
  13. Sort through star designer Scott Thomas’ crowd-sourced library of 1 million+ icons, from jumping jacks to cogwheel, and select or customize any you like.
  14. Read former labor secretary and UC Berkeley professor Robert Reich’s The Common Good to find out how citizens and CEOs can bring back public trust in institutions.
  15. Decode the mystery of Big Data (from bots to baseball games) with analytics pro and director of Columbia University’s Applied Analytics program Kaiser Fung.
  16. Follow the frightening, fascinating, and incredibly lucrative future of socialwith VentureBeat’s tech industry veteran Dean Takahashi.
  17. Shoot an email to Facebook design VP Julie Zhuo, who picks a question a week to answer, in detail, for everyone on her mailing list The Looking Glass.



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