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Organizations that allow designers to act as business leaders and not just the people who make products embrace design thinking and likely operate with the customer at the center of their universe, according to Cisco Guzman, group product manager of Adobe XD for Adobe. Guzman and others helped us explore the principles of design thinking in interviews this week.


CMSWire reported earlier this year the definition of user experience (UX) Design and its core tenets, one of which was design thinking. “The core of the design thinking process is that empathy, a deep desire to understand problems and the ability to quickly iterate is the fastest way to create a product that can change peoples’ lives,” Guzman said. “But you should think of them less as steps and more as a series of modalities that you inhabit in order to make experiences and products that matter.”


Organizations with poor customer satisfaction are “poised to study customers with an empathic eye to their motivations as people rather than just customers making purchases,” said Mikal Hallstrup, president and founder of Designit.


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Mikal Hallstrup

Mikal Hallstrup

Founder and Global CEO of Designit


Mikal Hallstrup is Founder and Global CEO at Designit, one of the world’s largest strategic design firms. Designit became part of Wipro Digital in 2015. Mikal chairs the jury for INDEX:Design to Improve Life, the world’s largest monetary design award. Reach him on Twitter at @mikalhallstrup.

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