Summer temperatures are soaring across the United Kingdom. While retailers and pub operators rejoice, local utilities companies are feeling the heat from unhappy customers – who are not only facing water shortages, but also getting ready for the peak July-August home moving season.


A lack of planning, slow communications and long turnaround times means that many utilities providers must face the scrutiny of regulators, politicians, and public watchdogs protecting the interests of unhappy customers. In the digital age, customers can quickly amplify their complaints on peer review websites and social media channels, so it’s imperative for utility providers to rapidly move up the value chain when it comes to customer operations.


Redefining experience for utilities customers

A holistic intelligent automation program – built on a future-focused roadmap and strategy – can help utilities companies transform customer experience by making customer journeys shorter, faster and more inclusive.


Using digital solutions and intelligent process automation, utilities companies can quickly modernise workflows, eliminate repetitive tasks, and create self-learning systems of operations to address the many moving parts that lead to customer frustration.


Here are four ways that utilities companies can leverage automation to improve customer experience:


  1. Reduce turnaround times and improve efficiency: Automation roadmaps design a path for companies to simplify their processes and standardise their operations by eliminating unnecessary processes. This reduces the amount of operational throughput and turnaround times.
  2. Optimize back-office customer operations: Structured data is the perfect subject for a high degree of automation, and with the right data management policies, tools, and resources in place, automation-empowered back office operations teams can deliver at speed.
  3. Reduce cost-to-serve: Automation can produce precise data analytics, which feed back into the organisation to help it operate in a leaner way, directly reducing the cost to customers.
  4. Innovate – and deliver – service: By optimising their operations with automation, utilities providers don’t just realise benefits quickly – they find room to redesign and innovate their future operating models to grow and delight their customer base.


Several leading utilities companies we’re working with have already begun strategic automation programs for their operations as they realise the importance of delivering exceptional customer experiences while also reducing their cost to serve.

Shalin Teli

Shalin Teli

Associate Partner


Shalin Teli is an Associate Partner in Wipro’s Consulting practice. He has designed and delivered several large-scale transformation initiatives across customer-facing and back office operations.

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