At Wipro Digital we talk a lot about digital transformation as it impacts our clients and their industries. So we decided to change things up a bit and get an outsider’s perspective on our own ways of working!


To explore a different point of view, we invited Ray Wang (Principal Analyst and Founder of Constellation Research) to our digital pod in Bangalore for a chat with Rajan Kohli (our SVP and Global Head) about our approach to digital transformation.


In the following videos, we share how our team internalises the same mindset that we advocate for our clients. Ray’s enlightening questions reveal parallel insights between our organisational viewpoint and our methods for helping companies make way for their own paradigm shifts.


By detailing the nature of our own work, we demonstrate how the transformative efforts we deliver externally are also reflected internally. In discussing our clients and our own ways of working, Rajan emphasises the importance of being open, collaborative, customer-centric, and employee-friendly. He explains the philosophy behind our workplaces – digitally native, human-centric spaces where every element is purpose-driven.


1) Digital Transformation Myths, Business Models and Ways of Working

Ray asks Rajan about the most common myths surrounding digital transformation, how new products and business models are created, and who needs to be part of the conversation for digital transformation to happen. Rajan stresses the importance of CEO sponsorship, the alignment of IT and business leadership, and the need to prioritise spending around digital innovation. Change has to happen internally – not only at the systems level but also organisationally – with an emphasis on leaving old inefficiencies and traditional ways of working behind to focus on the new.


2) Where Does Digital Transformation Start?

Ray asks about the top projects we see organisations taking on to digitally transform their operations. Rajan identifies three main areas – co-innovation with multiple partners, the impact of digital on B2B business, and renovating internal technology models to innovate at scale. All solutions are designed to improve workflows, create efficiencies, boost productivity and increase revenue.


3) Working Differently in Collaboration Spaces

In this walkthrough, Ray and Rajan discuss our “digital pods” approach to workspace design, and how our “no shore” model informs our open and collaborative spaces. Discover how we set up our space to foster interaction between design and engineering. We have different teams sitting in adjacent rooms, with meeting spaces between and around them where they can come together for different kinds of work – from private calls and one-on-one chats to board-size meeting rooms for big product-building sessions. There are open walls for putting up designs and prototypes, and even a videoconferencing zone to connect with our teams in other cities around the world.


4) Personal Reflections On a Digital Career

Rajan observes similar transformations in his own working style as he took on more digital-oriented work in his career, eventually helping to establish Wipro Digital. Ray and Rajan discuss why diverse backgrounds are a natural fit for digital leaders, and how the Chief Digital Officer role will eventually become redundant, with those competencies redistributing to “Digitally-enabled CXOs.” Rajan advises businesspeople interested in digital roles to find mentorship in technology, and be prepared to “unlearn” traditional ways of working and ready to learn new approaches and skills from anyone and everyone.

Rajan Kohli

Rajan Kohli

President, Wipro Digital


Rajan Kohli is President of Wipro Digital, the digital services unit of Wipro Limited. Wipro is a leader in digital transformation strategy and services for domestic, multinational, and Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Kohli previously led the Banking and Financial Services (BFS) vertical at Wipro and served as Wipro's Chief Marketing Officer.

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