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We invited stories of reskilling from the Indian IT industry, both from companies and individuals. These are stories of hope and inspiration in changing times. This story is of Wipro. 


Wipro Digital, the digital business unit of Wipro Limited launched the ‘Digital Academy’ in Q2 of financial year 2015-16 to build a strong team of digital engineers for the future. The academy nurtures excellent technologists and programmers who can build and release internet scale applications.


The Academy offers rigorous programs that help candidates upskill their competencies and stay up to date with the latest technologies, best practices and principles. The curriculum at the academy is a combination of programming languages, technology, and engineering tools.  It also goes beyond traditional training programs to foster principles of entrepreneurship and design-led thinking.


Flagship Programs


1) Immersive

  • This is a 12-week learning solutions program
  • The learning environment is akin to a start-up product engineering company
  • The program trains candidates to build and release a real product Less Theory More Practice à over 70% of the time is spent in writing code
  • Led by industry practitioners, it is development focused and provides hands-on experience
  • Immense focus on quality, automated testing, elegance in code and design


2) Hybrid

  • The course requires employees to attend training sessions twice a week for a span of 8 weeks
  • The objective is to:
    • Impart niche skills
    • Encourage employees to implement the learnings in ongoing projects
    • Achieve digital transformation as an end result


3) Online Learning Solutions

  • ‘Learning by Experience’
  • Pre-induction program for campus hires
  • Equip employees with skills that are key to being Digital


How do we judge their potential and contribution?



Let’s hear it from the candidates who have already made a mark in the industry and received major accolades from our clients:


1) “I started my career as a functional test engineer in Wipro and wanted to move to web development. The Wipro Digital Academy gave me a platform to upskill myself with the latest technologies. The Academy training focussed on open source technologies, which is a vital technology skill set at present. The curriculum helped me gain confidence in my ability to code and develop holistic skills. Post the completion of my training, I joined a Wipro project for a major British financial services group. Because of my exposure to open source technologies acquired through the academy, I was able to come up to speed with the new technologies used in the project in a very short time. Today I am a happy front-end developer thanks to Wipro’s Digital Academy.”


– Partha Mukherjee, Senior Project Engineer, Wipro Digital


Here is how the client appreciated Partha

“Partha continues to work well in the team.  He is always positive and keen to help out, and has tackled a number of technically challenging problems.” 


2) “A couple of years back, I moved into Wipro Digital, and joined the Digital Academy. I went through the ‘immersive training’ for 3 months. I trained on MEAN stack and got exposure to open source technologies. The Academy curriculum lays emphasis on ‘code and learn’. After the completion of my training, I joined an assignment for a major British financial services group. I presently work on MERN stack, a technology used for front-end development. Due to the code and learn methodology followed during my training, I was able to familiarize myself with the new technology in a short span of time. I have also received several accolades from the client for my work.”


– Nabila R, Senior Project Engineer, Wipro Digital


Following is an excerpt of the client’s appreciation for Nabila

“Nabila has continued to make a valuable contribution to the team.  She is always keen to progress and pick up difficult problems.  She has given a number of good demos to the rest of the team.”


3) “I am a graduate of the Wipro Digital Academy. The training at the academy is very different from the conventional classroom-training programs, as it is not just a lecture-based curriculum. Instead, we are given a problem and we have to self-study the technologies needed to solve it. The mentors also guided us in developing a robust, scalable and optimum solution.


We thrived in an exciting environment where we were trained to develop a product within a timeline of 3 months. Agile methodologies, such as stand up meetings, and regular code reviews are followed throughout the development period. Using MEAN stack, we built a real-life, complex product, which was a prototype of Enterprise Travel and Expense Application.


Post the completion of my training, I am working on an end-to-end Travel and Expense management offering for corporate travellers. From booking flights, accommodation and ground transportation, to expenses management on-the-go, it focuses on delivering a superior user experience.”


– Apurva Maloo, Project Engineer, Wipro Digital


4) “I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the first batch of Full Stack developer training at the Wipro Digital Academy. I was then just 4 months into my professional career as a software developer. I grasped a lot of skills and technologies at the academy, which would have taken me a long time to acquire otherwise.


I developed a passion for software development due to the various informal discussions we had with the instructors regarding the latest trends in web development. I also learnt another very important skill – persistence. I have worked on a plugin for Atom code editor at a time when there was very limited documentation on how to build a plugin. The instructors helped me learn how to build a new plugin after going through related code repositories and finding pieces of relevant information. This necessary skill helped me a lot when I started working with cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain.


The academy also lays emphasis on self-learning, with instructors guiding us and sharing insights to make our development more effective.


Now I am more self-reliant and I contribute better to the team. I am able to work on projects involving micro-services design, web development, DevOps and Blockchain.


The Wipro Digital Academy, in my opinion, is a place where you not just learn to code, but where you imbibe the right approach to software development and learn various skills that will help shape your career and make you future-ready.”


– Prateek Reddy Yammanuru, Senior Project Engineer, Wipro Digital

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