What the HACK? Day took place on October 27, 2017 – powered by Buildit, Designit, and the Digital Academy (the coolest teams at Wipro Digital, obviously)


October 27, 2017

22:03 — いただきます (Itadakimasu!)

I find myself sitting at the dinner table, smiling in deep satisfaction.


But first, a flashback to the very beginning…


May 25, 2017

Brain to Self: Why don’t we run a hackathon so we get to know how everyone on our team works?

Self to Brain: Why not? Let’s work hard and hack hard…


June 23, 2017

Brain to Self: Wow! Today’s little Buildit hackathon sure was fun.

Self to Brain: The solution worked somewhat but it looked horrid. Next time we should have creative people participating.


August 4, 2017

Brain to Self: MAN! Nice hackathon again! And that was too great an idea!

Self to Brain: Next time, we need more people participating so that we collaborate with other teams, learn something from one another and bring our ideas to reality.


There is no way we can finish this today.


My team at Buildit Bangalore is growing steadily, and our creative friends from beyond “the Wall” (literally, people aligned to Designit sit on the same floor) were eager to join us in being nerdy. But there are all these amazing talents across the greater Wipro landscape that we do not meet as often as we would like. A day full of geeky indulgence seemed like the best way to join forces. So, that is what we decided to do.


How the day unfolded…


October 27, 2017

9:00 to 10:00 — ”What is your problem, dude?”

We asked people to bring their own problems to the table. After all, what is the point in marking boundaries for transformation?

30 people showed up, and 10 of them had some really interesting problems. Every person had just 2 minutes to “unleash their monsters” (define the problem statement they brought to the table). No questions were asked during this round. We added all these problems to Trello.


10:00 to 11:00 — ”Me, Too!”

This was an unstructured, unsupervised time slot, during which each person marked the problem they wanted to solve and the people they wanted to solve it with.


United by our problems


Everyone spoke to everyone and almost every question found a potential answer. People split into 5-member teams and picked a meeting room or collaboration area for themselves for the rest of the day.


11:00 to 17:30 — Think it, design it, build it!

This was the time where everyone did their own thing. (Meanwhile, I ordered pizza for everyone and played foosball for a while).


A working prototype was agreed as the most respectable outcome for the end of this time slot. Depending the nature of their problem, if they had bitten off more than they could chew (been there, done that) and a prototype seemed unlikely, a proper feasible proposal would be accepted too. And an effort to use agile ways of working with proper checkpoints was greatly appreciated. Everyone brought their own tools (laptops, design tools, nunchucks, etc.) to make the most impactful prototypes.


We had one with way more stickers, but I forgot to take a picture of it…


17:30 to 18:30 — ”Phobos!”

Fear. Panic. This was the most productive hour of the day – not just for me, but for everyone on the floor. It was time to assess where we were and what we could do in our final hour to win this. Glory awaits!


Phobos a.k.a. Fear (Will this thing work?)


18:30 to 20:30 — Deimos”

Read that as demosEach team was given 5 minutes for a demo and 10 minutes for answering questions. Well, even after having spent nearly 10 hours at work (if you can call it that):



We ended up exceeding all our time limits and asked and answered all sorts of questions. This was important because people were supposed to vote for winners next. They needed to know everything they needed to know.




20:30 to 20:45 — Democracy

Each member got to vote for 1 winner and 1 runner-up. Then we counted the votes and declared the winner. There really was glory at the end of it all!



20:45 to 21:00 — Prizes!


Yes, prizes.




Our day turned out way better than how we expected it to go. We ended up with 5 amazing ideas and had whole lot of fun (and work… if you can call it that). Everyone lingered for a while, taking pictures and exchanging contact information, talking about what we would do next with these prototypes of ours.


Will you look at those happy faces?


Then we all went home (or wherever our hearts took us). And that is why I ended up at that wonderful restaurant, staring contentedly at my wonderfully sumptuous plate of food. Until next time!

Shweta Mahajan

Shweta Mahajan

Mobile Engineer


With almost 8 years of experience in Mobile Development, building Applications for iOS in various domains such as Finance, Retail, Insurance, Hospitality, Marketing and Advertising, I bring with me the experience of building custom frameworks, working with various Apple and 3rd party frameworks, a flair for writing beautiful code, the ability to visualise the best-fit user experience, and building end-to-end Apps from Conceptualisation to Delivery in an Agile environment. I like taking special interest in understanding all the backend layers that my Apps would work on.

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