Customer behavior is changing faster than brands can evolve, as technology is forever evolving and empowering our customer’s lives. Partners can help brands deliver marketing today that’s always smarter and more connected to customers, than yesterday. A new way of working, free of agency network legacy structures, goes beyond envisioning the ultimate marketing machine to deliver better ways for brands to engage with customers in every way, everyday.


According to Forrester, CMOs must shift from a company-centric approach of managing a brand as an asset to a customer-centric one of creating a resonant brand experience. To achieve this, CMOs need a new type of marketing agency that can envision and deliver resonant brand experiences.


Most CMOs understand the need for change, some understand what to do but very few know how to lead and deliver brand experience transformation. Gartner reports that CMOs now oversee or heavily influence customer experience, technology spending and P&L performance as a means to deliver growth. Yet, our recent research has shown that only 13% of CMOs believe they have benefited from digital transformation.


The reinvented marketing agency to partner with CMOs and their teams to envision and deliver leading brand experiences that drive growth requires new ways of working, capabilities, collaboration, and co-creation tools, including:


  • Mobilizing extensive capabilities spanning strategy, strategic design
  • Infusing co-creation and innovation lab environments,
  • Providing a full and complete service offering covering value proposition development, creative, service design, content, architecture, digitalization, data and analytics
  • Enabling with world-class technology
  • Developing new supporting operating models and organization design frameworks


The reinvented marketing agency also runs a single P&L to ensure quality of strategy, delivery and optimised costs. As basic as it seems, brands and client teams should not be impacted by vendor internal turf battles driven by separate P&L structures.  Too often global brands that want to deliver the best brand experiences, with consistency and agility, at scale are short-changed due to agency network structures.


The new marketing operating model requires embracing IT and Operations to reach as many customers as possible in a contextual, timely, relevant way. CMOs need a partner who can build collaborative partnerships across the enterprise, to accelerate the implementation of growth drivers and enhanced brand experiences. No longer can the CMO purely focus on strategy and communications to ensure their brand remains relevant, they must drive brand-led transformation and experience enablement across the enterprise.


The reinvented marketing agency: Wipro Digital MarTech

Wipro Digital MarTech enables CMOs to exceed customer expectations by creating and enabling seamless brand experiences that better leverage new business models, new operating models, data, technology, and scaled agile ways of working. We’re helping clients realize the full potential of experience-led, data-driven, high velocity, marketing transformation and enablement at scale.


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  • Experience-Led: Always putting customer and marketer experiences as the driver of our #responsivebrand marketing transformation approach. Experience first, technology second.
  • Data-Driven: Using intelligent data to #sense&respond the design of end-to-end experiences that identify micro-moments of truth for commercial value. Customer insights that drive value.
  • High Velocity: As #fullstackmarketers we adopt a rapid experiment oriented, data driven, fail-fast/learn-faster approach using MarTech sandbox environments and enterprise marketing clouds. Growth hacking to innovate.
  • Marketing at Scale: Deploying high caliber, multi-disciplinary talent throughout the marketing value chain to deliver #scaledagilemarketing that accelerates global optimization of the marketing operations ecosystem. Outcomes that shape businesses for the future.


Wipro Digital has quickly established itself as a leader in digital transformation. Phil Fersht, Founder and CEO of HfS Research, says:


“Wipro has evolved beyond being a strong technology execution machine to one which has genuine prowess designing digital business models for customers. The firm’s impressive digital labs, coupled with its acquisitions of Designit and Appirio, have placed the firm in a dynamic position in the digital technology marketplace. Furthermore, many of Wipro’s clients cited the firm’s culture of pushing the envelope and trying new ideas and techniques with them.”


Given the capabilities that we have established in Wipro Digital, we believe Wipro Digital MarTech can better cater to the needs of CMOs than traditional advertising agencies, marketing agencies and consultancies. Wipro already works with many of the world’s best brands to ensure their marketing is effective and efficient. If you’re seeking a new type of marketing agency that can envision and deliver brand experience transformation that keeps you customer relevant, I’d like to introduce you to Wipro Digital MarTech.

Darren Oddie

Darren Oddie

MarTech Practice Partner


Darren Oddie is MarTech Practice Partner at Wipro Digital, where he works with global financial services companies on digital transformation and innovation. He’s had hands-on experience of designing and building financial services brands from a blank sheet of paper to industry leading propositions in both corporates and startups.

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