Are businesses getting in their own way when it comes to digital transformation? An article by “IT Best of Breed” explores Wipro Digital’s insights on how companies sabotage their best transformation efforts and how they can crowbar themselves out of common ruts.


According to Wipro Digital’s recent findings, companies align on what digital transformation means in theory, but not in practice. A lack of clear strategy, or an inability to execute that strategy were commonly cited as the reasons many transformation projects fail to launch. “Many companies struggle with where to begin, what drives change, and even what the ROI is,” according to Rajan Kohli, senior vice president and global head. Their findings also suggest that companies entrust their digital transformation projects to leaders within organizations who are less likely to fulfill the leadership role required for true digital transformation.


Wipro Digital suggests an outside-in approach beginning with the end-customer. “Digital efforts need to be driven from an understanding of and commitment to what customers expect and experience in every brand interaction,” according to Kohli. Putting your client in the customer’s shoes can help an organization gain the alignment and understanding needed for driving change and accelerating ROI.


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Bryan Hwang

Bryan Hwang

Digital & Content Marketing Manager


Bryan Hwang heads digital and content marketing at Wipro Digital. He is an agile digital marketer with hands-on experience in front-end development, design and analytics in startup and corporate environments. In his free time, Bryan enjoys running, traveling, and gastronomy as well as cheering on his alma mater at the University of Southern California (USC).

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