“Digital transformation” has been a part of our lexicon for nearly six years.  Yet, there’s hardly consensus on what it means.  Maybe it’s time to recognize it served its purpose to galvanize business leaders around a needed change in their business to become more digital.  But now, it may be holding CEOs back from fulfilling the potential of their digital agenda through a much wider and needed enterprise transformation.


Based on our survey of 400 senior executives in the US, the time may have come to strike “digital transformation” from our vocabulary:  only 6% of executives use the term, preferring other terms like “digital strategy”, “digitization” or “business transformation.”


Digging further into our survey, execution of digital transformation strategies is suffering resulting in projects taking too long to deliver the anticipated ROI.


The clues to helping businesses transform to meet the expectations of today’s consumer, driven by a digital lifestyle, lie in addressing some of the barriers and other challenges identified by executives:


  • Align the entire c-suite on a clear transformation strategy
  • Decide who is leading the transformation
  • Overcome the resistance to new ways of working
  • Minimize the complexity of digital through micro-strategies, sprints and agile methods


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Alex Beal

Alex Beal

Head of Marketing


Alex leads marketing, developing our story and positioning for digital channels, media, analysts, recruits, employees and other key audiences. He’s constantly inspired to create a new, magical experience or evolve something tried and true into something relevant and remarkable – that’s what fuels his passion for digital and the wondrous things marketers can accomplish.

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