In an age when billions of devices are connecting to the cloud to deliver business value, IoT adopters around the globe are challenged with an ecosystem encompassing a broad spectrum of devices, technologies, platforms, communication modes and protocols. Unfortunately, this lack of standardization and the need for multi technologies keeps the full range of IoT benefits out of reach.  There is an immediate need for innovative connectivity solutions which can handle a variety and unprecedented volume of data.


The IoT ecosystem encompasses a range of industries, devices and applications with their own specific protocols and standards. Most IoT platforms are equipped with software that translates device-specific native communication into something the platform can understand. Solution providers must then create decoder for binary data, which is transferred from device to platform, increasing the time to market of solutions.


At Wipro Digital, we’ve developed the Universal Data Parser (UDP) to serve this complex problem. Recently awarded the 2015 Aegis Graham Bell Award for Innovation in IoT, the UDP™ provides the ability to rapidly define streams of data from a wide range of devices and translate it into meaningful information. The UDP works on a self-documenting philosophy and has a configurable template. It allows users to easily define the template according to which it dynamically parses Asset Data. It reduces device integration effort from months to days or even hours. UDP enables easy integration of any device protocol to any IoT cloud environment, and offers the following key benefits:

  • Technology Abstraction/Decoupling both on device and cloud side to ensure seamless co-working with any technology provider
  • Reduction of development and migration efforts in scenarios of multi vendor platform deployments
  • Highly configurable architecture offering easy integration of device protocol to IoT cloud environment
  • Scalable solution with predefined templates
  • Faster Asset onboarding and testing time


With its flexibility of adapting data streams from range of devices, platforms and data stores, the UDP expedites the onboarding of new assets into IoT ecosystem and thus reduces the effort and time to market of the solution.


Wipro Digital has successfully deployed the UDP in a wide range of industries. Recently, for example, we worked with a leading heavy machine manufacturer to transform delivery of items like excavators, cranes and rollers.  Prior to implementing the UDP, these various equipment types produced data containing vital parameters – each in its own format. The UDP was able to read and parse the different types of incoming data and translate it into a unified representation. With this translation, the manufacturer was able use the data for common business logic and visualization corresponding to remote monitoring and asset management.  This greatly streamlined the process and minimized service costs.


The UDP’s wide range of applications and potential business uses may very well be the solution to the IoT’s ecosystem, reducing complexities, creating new partnerships, revenue streams and more.


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