The IoT M2M Council (IMC) is the leading IoT trade forum, bringing IoT providers and adopters together. It has a steadily-growing 12,000 IoT adopter members including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), enterprise users, and application developers. Wipro is the Sustaining Institution in this elite group, which has 14 sustaining corporate members. The IMC has a truly global footprint that supports Wipro’s business model and aspirations.


Recently, the council organized a webinar, IoT Systems Integration: from Edge to Clould to Backbone to highlight the importance of systems integration in IoT and the complexities involved. Vijay Anand V R,  Practice Director of IoT Business solutions at Wipro talked about Wipro’s exhaustive experience and success stories in IoT, sharing a complex case study – the journey of a “heavy earth moving OEM.” The webinar was widely attended by adopter members of IMC and highlighted Wipro’s capabilities and experience in IoT.


View the webinar: IoT Systems Integration: from Edge to Cloud to Backbone


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