It’s out there. Designit and Wipro Digital are set to partner and offer a designtech value proposition to the digital transformation market.


John Maeda has chronicled the timeline of DesigninTech M&A activity, noting how fourteen design firms have been atypically acquired by companies known for their technology. We’ve seen valley firms do it, we’ve seen consulting firms do it, we’ve even seen banks do it. Yet this is one feels that bit different again, coming from a firm that belongs to the Indian heritage technology industry.


Here’s why and why now.


Businesses used to be simple – a steadier and predictable affair. The web brought along the first wave of digital and made businesses complicated. Our clients needed consultants and domain experts to bring good practice and navigate this landscape.


Along came the mobile, and the second wave of digital as we know it. Businesses became complex. Customer behaviour is non-linear and constantly evolving. Customers are changing at a rate that our clients are finding difficult to keep up with. Dealing with this complex environment requires methods which are fundamentally different – an emergent practice which is built around constant customer-centred experimentation.


We are bringing value to our clients and helping them deal with this complexity, by rapidly evolving our own methods and capability.


We are no longer waiting on our client’s business requirements, developing incremental improvements to their legacy channel stacks with uni-disciplinary teams using waterfall, predictive methods. Over the past 15 months, Wipro Digital has chartered a new course. We ponder on customer insight, co-create disruptive digital experiences with multi-disciplinary teams using agile, adaptive methods.


Our value proposition is no longer certainty. It is velocity. And most importantly, our clients are not just working with us for our methods. They are choosing us for our mindset.


Scaling this multi-disciplinary capability of strategic design and deep engineering required us to take a different approach with design. We started talking to a number of global design firms with three specific requirements in mind: world-class design talent, proven methods and most importantly, a scalable culture. We learnt a lot from the firms that we spoke to, yet most didn’t feel like a good fit. Some were uninterested, some sub-scale, some socialist and others unaware of the shift happening in their own industry.


Designit felt different. Open and collaborative. Low on ego and high on pride. Transformative in their work and bold in their vision for the future. At a scale that is uncommon in the design industry and yet relevant for us. Their clients describe them as a hybrid—part-advisor, part-creative and part-technologist. Hybrid is good, we thought.


Designit put us through their “chemistry, chemistry, competence” test and we came through. We spoke to our clients and sought their advice. One of them said: “If we had a partner who could design it, build it and run it—that will be ideal.” Well, that just about settled it.


Our businesses are coming together around a shared purpose: to help our clients deal with complexity. To make sense of it. And to exploit the possibilities.


Digital is rapidly moving on the third wave – from the desktop and the handheld and smart, connected products into an all-pervasive continuum of experiences. Our clients need partners who can help as they reimagine themselves within that future story. Wipro Digital and Designit will help them do that.


So here’s what we are setting out to do: Simplify the future.


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Avinash Rao

Avinash Rao

Global Business Head


Global Head of Wipro Digital. Building businesses which embody velocity, impact and excellence. Figuring out how we navigate 'digital' collectively.

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