“Being digital is not about technology but rather about a lifestyle.”


This, according to Avinash Rao, Head of Wipro Digital, whose point of view describes an innovative approach to digital transformation, exploring the current opportunities and challenges that global businesses and brands must embrace to win the digital customer experience.


The current buzz is around “Digital Transformation”, but organizations may take months if not years to figure out what they should be doing and how they go about it.  While they ponder their Digital Transformation roadmap, the customer’s lifestyle will have evolved even further.


Rao explains that “we’ve gone past just simply talking about Digital Transformation in the face of these rapidly changing customer behaviors; it’s time to start getting it done.” This bias for action and delivering velocity is a new way of working – one that is multidisciplinary, iterative and uses agile methods. It encourages test, learn and fail-fast behaviors acting on micro-strategies rather than 5-year plans.


Organizations just starting out or those well down the path of their digital transformation journey, will succeed the more customer shaped they become.  Additionally, they should gear themselves up for velocity, rather than waiting for the rollout of the company strategic plan.


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Alex Beal

Alex Beal

Head of Marketing


Alex leads marketing, developing our story and positioning for digital channels, media, analysts, recruits, employees and other key audiences. He’s constantly inspired to create a new, magical experience or evolve something tried and true into something relevant and remarkable – that’s what fuels his passion for digital and the wondrous things marketers can accomplish.

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