ESAB, the premier producer and developer of welding and cutting equipment and consumables sought a technological transformation of their entire global operations. Their machines were not connected. The status of equipment, processes and their parameters and the types of consumables used in processes were all manually recorded.


Enable connected, data-driven decision making for a worldwide producer and developer of welding and cutting equipment and consumables


Wipro Digital partnered with the ESAB to realize their connected vision, the first step of which was enabling their product range to connect to ESAB WeldCloud™.


A powerful and appropriate communication hardware module was selected to provide a seamless gateway between the enterprise IT and its machines. Wipro Digital developed the mounting plan of the module as well as software that would collect data for equipment sessions and parse logic to make the data actionable. Barcode and GPS technology was implemented for inventory and supply chain tracking. Communications and security were improved with secure transmission of data via Wi-Fi and 3G, cloud connectivity through MQTT lightweight protocols and 2 way communication for FOTA technology and remote access. Auto-switching enabled various communication technologies employed by users (Wi-Fi versus LAN, etc.). Additionally, data persistence was implemented in case of connectivity failure.


With cloud-based connectivity, the company was able to expand business revenues by selling services. Additionally, the existing business – selling products – was substantially improved by reduction of costs and increased revenue.


The connected equipment enhanced visibility, optimized service operations and expanded services and functions to customers. It also allowed the company to collect information on the equipment’s health parameters, usage pattern and status of the consumables. Data was pushed to the cloud to integrate with the enterprise IT.


The company was able to increase productivity and quality, as well as better use its working capital. Time to market was improved by 40%, thus creating a competitive edge.


Most importantly, the strategic technological initiative proved an important differentiator, catapulting the company far ahead of its competitors.



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